Final Raspberry Pi PCB design unveiled

Raspberry Pi - Final Circuit Gerber

Raspberry Pi - Final Circuit GerberThe creators of the Raspberry Pi ARM-based computer have published a shot of the Gerber for the sub-£25 computer’s near final design – and, at around the same size as a credit card, it’s even smaller than the prototypes.

Posted by Liz Upton to the official Raspberry Pi blog, the Gerber visualisation reveals a final circuit board measuring 85.60mm x 53.98mm – exactly the same size as a standard credit card. The layout, designed by Pete Lomas, represents the finished product, modulo any tweaks required to compensate for low yields in the test production ahead of the initial run.

Sadly, the team isn’t quite ready to start taking pre-orders for the cut-price computer. “We’re in the process of making a very small initial test run of what you see above,” Upton writes, “and will move to larger production when we’re happy that there are no early-life bugs. Because we can’t predict whether or not there will be any, we can’t give you a firm release date, but Pete has engineered what you see here nigh unto death, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an easy ride.”

The Raspberry Pi system has taken the hacking community by storm since its announcement by project founders Eben Upton and David Braben. Powered by a Broadcom BCM2835 system-on-chip module, the credit-card sized computer will cost under £25 and run a fully-featured version of GNU/Linux.

It is hoped that the system will help drive computing education by providing less well-off families with an affordable platform for hacking, without running the risk that a child will ‘wreck’ the family PC with their ‘incessant fiddling.’