Carmack confirms Doom 3 source release

John Carmack, id Software founder and creator of the popular Doom and Quake series of first-person shooters, has confirmed that the source code for Doom 3 is due for release in the very near future.

Founded on principles of ‘shareware’ – where large chunks of id’s early games were released for free, in the hopes that users would register in order to unlock more levels – id recently adopted an open source ethos, releasing the code to its last-generation titles as new games are launched.

Carmack had promised the community that the code for Doom 3, which is based on the idTech4 engine, would be released under an open source licence when Rage, the company’s latest game, hit shops – but id’s acquisition by Zenimax left people wondering if Carmack would be allowed to fulfil his promise.

Thankfully, it looks like everything’s go: in a post to Twitter, Carmack announced that the source code is ready for release. “Doom 3 source is packaged and tested,” he writes, “we are waiting on final lawyer clearance for release.”

While the source code releases don’t include right to in-game assets such as audio, texture or models, they provide a handy leg-up for hackers looking to get into game development.