hacker, /hak-er/, n: An expert or enthusiast of any kind, one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations.

These days, ‘hacker’ has been conflated with ‘cracker,’ turning it into a pejorative used to classify those who use computer networks for ill – but it shouldn’t be.

A hacker is someone who thirsts for knowledge. A hacker doesn’t settle for second-best – a hacker figures out what’s wrong with something, and works to rectify it. Whether it’s reforming the handle of a tool with Sugru to make it more comfortable to use, or building a sensor network using Ardinos to keep a better eye on their surroundings, hackers are a force for good – not evil.

HackerRevie.ws aims to fill a gap in the Internet – specifically, the gap that exists when it comes to the hacking, making, tinkering, and modding communities.

HackerRevie.ws has been founded with a clear aim: to provide accurate, balanced, and interesting reviews of the latest equipment for the hacking and making communities. Whether it’s electronic kits like the Nanode, components like temperature sensors, tools like soldering irons, or just the latest reference books, we’ll let you know if it’s worth a purchase.

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