WyoLum offers open hardware grants

WyoLum, a group which supports open hardware projects, has announced the launching of a pair of $1,000 grants to help drive the next exciting development in free and open hardware.

The WyoLum grants offer a much-needed cash injection for makers and hackers with ideas but little funding, covering the cost of equipment, materials and any fabrication required to bring a project to fruition.

There are rules, of course: for a project to be considered for funding, it needs to be completely open – both the hardware and software – right through its development cycle to production, with WyoLum members offering advice and help throughout the project’s development.

Projects must also be a fairly fast turnaround: if a submitted project is likely to take more than six months to make use of the funding, it’s not eligible for the grant. As WyoLum’s Justin Shaw points out, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire project needs to be completed in half a year.

Aside from that the grant is open to all, including newcomers to the world of open hardware. “If you have a killer idea, but have never fabricated a PCB, programmed a micro-controller or designed an enclosure, don’t let that stop you from submitting your idea,” the team writes. “If we can’t immediately assist you, we will learn it together.”

The grant application process is open until the 3rd of December, with interested parties asked to fill in an application form and submit it along with a video – optional but encouraged – explaining the concept behind the idea.

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  1. Thanks Gareth!

    One clarification, the $1000 can be to take your project to the next level. The entire project need not be completed in 6 months.


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