PCB Circuit Boards.co gets faster gear

Printed circuit board manufacturing specialist PCBCircuitBoards.co has announced the installation of a new circuit assembly system which doubles the speed at which boards can be produced and delivered to customers.

Developed in Germany, the new system encompasses a faster ‘shut and cut’ speed on the belt lines compared to a standard production system, allowing boards to be produced at up to twice the rate previously possible.

“We here at PCBcircuitboards.co have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering high quality and value to our customers, but we wanted to go one extra step and provide them a faster turnaround time than they are presently getting,” explains the company’s head of assembly Jeff Bridgeland.

“With this new printed circuit assembly technology that we have adopted, we are at last in position to deliver inside a time scale that many of our competitors in the industry will find difficult to match.”

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