Pachube goes free for all

Popular cloud-based sensor monitoring service Pachube has announced that it will now offer its server free to all, ditching its previous for-pay tiered membership model.

Replacing the tiered account structure is a single account for all, offering 100 API requests per minute to all members – up from the 40 requests per minute currently enjoyed by ‘Pro’ members – with ‘Premium’ members receiving a boost to 250 API requests per minute for their support.

“So, why go free? No, we haven’t decided to become a non-profit. No, we’re not just super-nice. What we are is ambitious,” explains Pachube’s Conan Reidy of the changes. “And having worked with and talked with many people in the Pachube community, we know that they’re ambitious too.

“By making the Pachube service free, we’re removing a small barrier today, and we’re committed to removing more barriers in the coming months. Pachube will continue to get simpler, better and more capable. Our intention is that many of these new capabilities will be free. Some of them won’t. We hope that you’ll want to pay for the stuff we decide to charge for.”

All accounts will be upgraded within the next few hours, and users who have paid for an annual subscription in the last 60 days will receive an automatic refund. More information is available on the Pachube blog.

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