The Android MegaPad – a 23″ homebrew tablet

Hacker Martin Drashkov has created a device he believes predicts the future of mainstream computing: a 23″ touch-screen tablet running Google’s Android operating system.

While Drashkov is keeping the details of the build under wraps for now, he has released a video showing the tablet – which appears to be running Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread,’ rather than the newer but still proprietary Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ – in action, with impressive results.

“The Android MegaPad is the next logical step,” Drashkov argues in a blog post on the subject, “a modern touch-based computing device with a screen size that will enable a whole different set of experiences. Unlike tablets, devices like this will make simultaneous use by two users a practicality and will let users more fully immerse themselves in apps and games.”

Drashkov isn’t the only person to believe touch is the future: both Canonical’s Unity interface and the Gnome Shell include a primarily touch-driven user experience, while Microsoft’s Windows 8 looks to be going the same way with the Metro UI.

The Android MegaPad, as Drashkov has labelled the machine, cost around $600 (about £390) to build using purely off-the-shelf parts, putting it on a par with the higher end of the real Android tablet market.

There’s just one slight issue, Drashkov admits: it’s not exactly portable.

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