Stories in analogue IC design

If you’ve ever considered the insides of those magic black boxes at the heart of many electronics projects, then you’ve likely thought that they must be beyond the ken of mere mortals.

Don Sauer’s site Idea2IC looks to change all that, with a series of fascinating tales from his 30 years in the analogue and mixed signal integrated circuit design business.

From his first sixteen-pin IC design – the LM13700 stereo transconductance amplifier, “designed by Bill Gross and myself in less than 5 minutes” – to more modern creations, Sauer’s site is a goldmine of tips, tricks and fascinating anecdotes.

For those looking to make the leap into IC design, Sauer’s Spice simulations are well worth a look. For everyone else, just marvel at the thought process that gives birth to those little black and silver bugs.

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