Shedfest – a free learning festival

Plans are afoot to organise an independent learning festival in the UK, tentatively titled ‘Shedfest’ following the suggestion from one of its organisers that it could be held in his garden shed.

Shedfest looks to bring together ‘edtech’ – education technology – fans in a free festival, with suggested events including practical sessions to pass on physical skills and more social sessions for networking, collaboration, and simple relaxation in like-minded company.

While the event is still at the early stages of organisation, suggestions have been made for it to be held near a field where attendees can camp – although its organisers stress that nearby accommodation will also be available for those reluctant to spend a night under canvas.

“I would hope that this is not about avoiding other festivals but about doing something different from is currently available and taking the best bits from our favourite learning festivals,” the event’s organisers stated.

More information on the event is available in the Shedfest organisation document, or by searching for hashtag #shedfest on Twitter.

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