Samsung completes LM80 testing on 2323 LED

Samsung’s LED arm has announced the completion of 6,000 hours of IES LM-80-2008 testing on its latest lighting-grade 2323 LED package.

Although the company isn’t publicising the test data, it has declared that it will make the results available upon request. “We realise the importance Energy Star certification plays in regards to utility rebates and are pleased to offer LM80 data to our customers as a guide for expected lumen maintenance,” said chief marketing officer Kevin Kim at the announcement.

The IES LM-80-2008 standard – commonly known as LM80 – is the industry standard method for determining the lumen depreciation characteristics of LED light sources.

Complete test data on the company’s mid-power 2323 LED package – which promises 120lm/W from a 5.29mm² module – will soon be joined by data for the company’s remaining mid- and high-power products.

While your average maker likely doesn’t care too much about standards bodies and official certifications, LM80 data for the 2323 LED packages could tip the balance towards Samsung for those looking to take their creations to commercial production.

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