Boot-strap Open Laser Cutter hits first release

3D printing enthusiast Peter Jansen has announced the first release of printable parts for a laser cutter, as part of his Boot-strappable Open Laser Cutter (BOLC) project.

Designed to provide an open design for a laser cutter with a cut area of at least one metre square, Jansen’s BOLC looks to create parts from ABS using existing 3D printer platforms to keep the cost down to around five per cent that of a commercial platform.

“The printed parts represent about 10 hours of total printing time on a Makerbot or Reprap,” Jansen explains on the project’s Thingiverse page, “and are designed with the hope that they would be of general utility to anyone printing out a large CNC system – not just a laser cutter.”

The parts – which can be downloaded for printing now – include NEMA17 motor holders, idler brackets, pillow block bushing mounts, and idlers.

Sadly, while the cost of the parts required is inexpensive compared to commercial cutters of the same size, you’ll still need deep pockets: Jansen, a PhD student of Neural Computation at the McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, estimates the total cost of the build at around $2,000 (about £1,272.)

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